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Imagineering Research & Development Robots

I've got to hand to the people at Walt Disney's Imagineering, they are breaking some pretty incredible ground with these new robots. If you aren't familiar with them; Imagineering Research and Development are responsible for designing and engineering all of the magic in Walt Disney theme parks, rides and attractions among other things.

When I lived in Burbank, Ca many years ago, I knew a guy that worked in this department and he was telling me about some of the projects they had in the works and at that time it was astounding.

Check out the video below of these humanoid robots in action.


First look at Quantum Enigma Animatronic Creatures

All Props and Animatronic Creatures are updated on this page now. Check out the new stuff here.

These are the conceptual drawings of the little animatronic creature known as Pentaknock. This creatures name was derived from that fact that it has 5 legs and it resembles a vintage carnival knock down doll.

After a series of sketches this little critter was turned into a moving, walking creature. We will add video here soon so you can see the little guy move. There will also be a build log available soon.

Fur, artificial whiskers and paint make up the exterior of this one off sculpture. In the background you can also see some of the other creatures that will be in the short film and trailer to promote the book Quantum Enigma.

Pentaknock is coming in for his close up.

Below are some test shots with different lighting of the creature in the wild.

Here's one more with a little more color correction.

More creatures are coming soon.