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First Look at QE props. UPDATED!

Quantum Enigma Mothership is ready to fly.

After many long months of model building and lighting tests, she's finally ready to set sail.

A few close ups of some of the detail.

This is the zone lighting controls that were created to get the right lighting in different parts of the ship for different shots.

Here are some more details for this studio sized kit bashed model.

You can see there are lots of different types of weathering on this model.

This ship looks like it's been around a while.

This shot is of the scratch built mothership model created from a series of concept design sketches.

The model will be used to film various sequences in space and with the shuttle flying out of the landing bay.

Here is a close up of the model which is still a work in progress.

Testing scale with miniatures and then getting the wiring correct for all led lights and fiber optic cable.

Here's a shot of the space shuttle prop used in the Short film.

The full ship here. We will do an entire post with lots of close up images of this ship soon.

Three of the Quantum Enigma robots used in the short film and teaser trailer.

This is the animatronic Grifon 1 robot used for space exploration in Quantum Enigma.

Here are a couple of shots with some of the lighting activated.

This robot has 4 remote controls and usually requires 2 people to animate it. Grifon and the other bots are created from a range of found objects, kitbashed parts, electronics, 3d printed parts, sheet metal and foam. All hand painted to have an aged, weathered look for the film.

These are images of the animatronic robot prop GRIFON 1 rover from the work bench of the artist.

We will have a full write up on this rover complete with build log and video in the coming months prior to release of the film.

Here's a full shot of the robot being prepped for a scene.

A little better angle while changing batteries.

A shot of the Astronaut suit and G.R.I.F.O.N. 1 on the green screen set.

Above is a life size android hand and blaster prop used in the Quantum Enigma live action trailer and short film. Linder is also a sculptor and has done several props and effects for TV and film. This exciting piece already tells a story without any caption needed.

These two close-ups really show the detail of this prop. This is the Alien blaster used in the film.

Here's another close up of the same blaster.

Above are images of the prop build for the astronaut helmet used in the film. Below are more detailed images of the finished prop.

Lots of details and added lighting.

Final helmet all lit up with fan installed for night time shots.

Another daylight close up.

Below are some of the creatures that will be seen in the film.

There will be numerous static creatures as well as some animatronic ones.

This guy is one of the animatronic puppet creatures that waddles along in the film.

One of the rough character sketches for this one.

Check back for updates.

My art entries for Inktober 2017

It's Inktober again and here are my art entries.

If you haven't heard of Inktober read on. This is an artist motivation site created by Jake Parker to get artists to ink a drawing everyday for one month. This is probably my third year doing this and I just realized that I haven't really posted my entries this year for this little game. The above graphic is from his website and he typically lays out a theme for each day. Some artists follow this and others don't. Below are my entries this year. I will update this list daily until October is no more. Newest art at the top. Come on back and check it out.

31. Mask

30. Found

29. United

28. Fall

27. Climb

26. Squeak

25. Ship

24. Blind

23. Juicy

22. Trail

21. Furious

20. Deep

19. Cloud in color

19. Cloud

18. Filthy

18. Filthy in color

17. Graceful

16. Fat

15. Mysterious

14. Fierce

13. Teeming

12. Shattered

11. Run

10. Gigantic

10. Gigantic in color

9. Screech

9. Screech in color

8. Crooked

8. Crooked in color

7. Shy

6. Sword

5. Long

4. Underwater

3. Poison

2. Divided

1. Swift

Check back for more...