Quantum Enigma Concept Art

These sketches are early design concepts for the G.R.I.F.O.N. 1. (Geological Research Instrument for Foraging and Observation in Nature) robot design that is used in the comic and in the short film.

Above are full mech-head designs with multiple sensors and cameras used for collecting different types of exploration data in the field and on alien planets.

Here are a variety of different styles of mech-heads drawn in a traditional style here. Linder does use computer illustration as well as traditional in his work, but most of his early concepts are pencil and paper. The robot is supposed to be an exploration robot similar to a NASA rover or moon explorer. This is not a war robot that we see so much of today.

The upper torso is more humanoid like while the bottom section of the robot is on tracks.

These interesting high-tech track covers for the robot give it a futuristic look, not like a typical tank or tractor tread.

Here are some sketches of of various side panels that will be utilized on the robot.

Several different types of mechanical part designs that will be used for both the comic book and the actual practical prop.

Here are the early rough concept sketches for the astronaut helmet in the Quantum Enigma comic book and the live action trailer. Linder says that his inspiration comes from real NASA based suits, the film Prometheus and the Martian.

The ideas here are mostly real space based designs for space travel, nothing to futuristic or far away. Linder says, "looking at many NASA designed space suits over the years, I tried to create something that would look modern, real and functional." 

Here is just an early rough quick sketch idea of the shuttle design in the book.

Concept art for multiple objects and some tech in the story. It's difficult to understand how this all fits together without knowing what the story is about but it is a peak in.

We'll add more art here soon, be sure to check back.


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