Quantum Enigma Comic Book Update!

We know updates for Quantum Enigma have been slow. It takes a lot of work to create not only a Comic Book but a Live Action Trailer, Short Film, NFT art and much more for the comic book, so we do as much as possible. 

Good news! 
We are getting closer to the release of this book. You only have to wait until the end of this year for the release of Quantum Enigma in print and digital. 

We are keeping updates on our progress in a few places while you wait patiently. In between updates, we will continue to post stories from around the globe about science, space and science fiction as it pertains to our own project here.

Areas that have been updated:

Storyboards: Here we will continue to bring storyboard thumbnails sketches and changes for the live action trailer.

Concept Art: A lot of interesting art leading up to the finished ideas. Multiple changes are made frequently to work out problems and detail of the props and effects that we are trying to create. We will continue to drop new art here all the time.

Props, Animatronics and Practical Effects: This is the good stuff that takes so long to make. After we sketch it all down, it is s trial and error process using various materials to create a practical effect and prop. We'll try to update this area as much as possible.

Behind the Scenes: This is some behind the scenes shots from production of the trailer and more.

Film Festivals: During this process we are submitting our teaser and soon to be trailer to various film festivals which are responding very well to our work.

If you've waited this long, it will be worth it. Check back in for more details soon.


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Author: admin
Artist, writer, sculptor, drawing comic books, storyboards for film and television, character design for animation, illustrating children’s books and painting for 30 years. Walk with purpose.