New Comic Book Panels From Black and White to Color

Here's a little update on some of the artwork panels in the Quantum Enigma book. If you don't see post's everyday, you have to know that these things take time. The panel above started off as a blue pencil sketch, then I ink it. From there I will do a little halftone wash on the shadows to get off on the right foot.

I am a really a traditional artist and I usually like to do everything by hand. In this case I needed to save a little time, because this is a big series for me. I scan the artwork in and digitally paint it. I will usually wait to do a final pass once all of the other panels are done, that way I can color correct everything to match throughout the book.

These panels are in no particular order. I chose these because they are interesting  and further along than some of the others.

It is interesting to see these images go from a 2d black and white illustration to almost a 3d looking image with just a little paint.

Here you probably recognize the ship from the live action Quantum Enigma teaser video.

Before I start on any paint, I create a mood board for the entire book. This idea gives the whole thing continuity so it looks and feels like it comes from the same place. A mood board really sets the stage for everything else down the line.

I started a whole tutorial series on How To Make Your Own Graphic Novel on my other comic book site Prisoner of the Mind if you are interested.

I will have more work coming soon...


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