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Earth Organisms are living outside the International Space Station

Strange earth organisms have survived for almost 2 years outside the International Space Station against heat, cold, radiation and more. If life can survive here, surely it can survive on Mars or any other planet. Maybe you've read about this, maybe not, either way it's very interesting in terms of what it means for future space exploration. 

Full Article Here.

Vintage Japanese Movie Monsters

The original Godzilla was created in 1954 and with it's success came an enormous amount of copycats and successors. 

Here are just a few with a link at the bottom to a massive collection of truly weird and somewhat creative creatures.

Not only is this dude extremely creepy looking, but slightly constipated. 

New Rotating Space Station Proposed

The Gateway foundation is proposing a Von Braun Rotating Space Station. Here's a little back story if you don't know who they are. The Gateway Foundation was formed to build the first spaceport. To do that we must first build a few smaller structures. One of the most important projects is the Von Braun Rotating Space Station. This will likely be the first commercial space construction project in history.

Our plan includes developing a robust space construction industry, the first artificial gravity space station, and finally the Gateway.

These are important first steps to colonizing space and other worlds – The Gateway Foundation will connect people from all over the world so we can make this first step together.

The Von Braun Space Station

The Von Braun Station will be a rotating space station designed to produce varying levels of artificial gravity by increasing or decreasing the rate of rotation. The station will be designed from the start to accommodate both national space agencies conducting low gravity research and space tourists who want to experience life on a large space station with the comfort of low gravity and the feel of a nice hotel.

Check out the video below.

Godzilla: The Planet Eater

Godzilla: The Planet Eater which is the 3rd Animated Film Installment of the new Godzilla series, was just released on Netflix. 

We checked out the first one in the series Godzilla: Planet of Monsters, which has an amazing size comparison chart to other Godzilla Movies throughout history, and we also checked out the Second installment, Godzilla: City on the Edge of Battle which was just as intense as the first one.

Watch the trailer below, then go check them out on Netflix. If you are a Godzilla fan, they are definitely worth the watch.

Welcome to the Triangulum Galaxy

Located just three million light years from earth, the Triangulum Galaxy is a vast spiral galaxy that can sometimes be seen with the naked eye. Fear not if you don't have a naked eye. Nasa's Hubble Telescope has photographed this galaxy that is zoomable here.  

The Triangulum galaxy (Messier 33) which is slightly smaller than the Milky Way, is thick with a stellar nursery. Check out the video below to see a zoom in from earth.


We may not have flying cars yet but we are getting cars that walk

Welcome to 2019 the year when science fiction becomes reality. Oh, wait, it kinda already is. 

Who knew that the company that brought us the Hyundai Excel in 1986 for under $5000 new, would develop a concept car that has legs.

The Hyundai Elevate is a blend of car, robot, and Mars rover as a machine for first responders, off-roading and explorers. 

A normal car or 4 x 4 truck would get stuck at the edge of an accident site of collapsed buildings, cars and debris. The Elevate can climb over and walk to the area in need of assistance. 

Hyundai says that, with its CRADLE modular platform, the main body that sits on top of the walking wheels and drive train can be exchanged for different options, including an autonomous option directed by AI. They have a taxi concept that can climb stairs to an entrance of a building, allowing a disabled person to exit closer to their front door.

Check out the video below to see all of the possibilities. 

NASA'S Complete Media Library is FREE!

NASA just made their entire media library free to use without copyright. It includes their entire collection of images, sounds, and video all searchable by subject here. More than 140,000 photos and other resources available for you to download and use it any way you choose.

This is an amazing resource if you are an artist, filmmaker, sculptor, historian, writer or just enjoy space exploration.