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Cool astronaut helmet built from a kids toy

This astronauts helmet used in the live action teaser trailer for Quantum Enigma started life as a very plain Halloween costume helmet. After a breakdown and rebuild with electronics and cameras, it might be ready for the Vacuum of space. The detail is out of this world along with everything else in QE.

Here you can see the transition from the toy helmet below into a full fledged NASA would be proud kind of helmet with two video cameras, eternal and internal lighting along with a cooling ventilation system.

Check back for more updates on the full build tech for Quantum Enigma.

Weathered and dirty just the way we like it.

Still composite image from the live action video book teaser

The use of precise blending techniques with a still image for the ship, green screen background, several videos and live action foreground. The props really look amazing. What is the old saying? "The devil is in the details."

We had to post a still from the live action teaser for Quantum Enigma, just to show the cool green screen integration and color correcting of the video. The final image is pretty stunning considering this was shot in a basement. Kudos to Ed Hanna editor and color corrector of Quantum Enigma.

This just goes to show you that anything is possible in movie magic. Imagination, art and perseverance with some skill thrown in.

First look at Quantum Enigma Animatronic Creatures

These are the conceptual drawings of the little animatronic creature known as Pentaknock. This creatures name was derived from that fact that it has 5 legs and it resembles a vintage carnival knock down doll.

After a series of sketches this little critter was turned into a moving, walking creature. We will add video here soon so you can see the little guy move. There will also be a build log available soon.

Fur, artificial whiskers and paint make up the exterior of this one off sculpture. In the background you can also see some of the other creatures that will be in the short film and trailer to promote the book Quantum Enigma.

Pentaknock is coming in for his close up.

Below are some test shots with different lighting of the creature in the wild.

Here's one more with a little more color correction.

More creatures are coming soon.

Quantum Enigma Short Film Poster Number 3

In a future where past and present meet, a fallen astronaut searches the unknown for a way home. What he finds will change the future of humanity forever.

Breaking News!

Quantum Enigma teaser trailer has been voted Semi-Finalist for the Miami Epic Trailer Festival.

Quantum Enigma Teaser from Allan Linder on Vimeo.

Quantum Enigma Movie Posters for the Teaser, Trailer and Short film

Here are two  movie posters for the teaser, trailer and short film to promote Linder's Sci-Fi comic book Quantum Enigma coming soon.

One man lost in space and time finds himself.

The Quantum Enigma teaser is here.

Check out the highly anticipated, stunning live action teaser for the upcoming Quantum Enigma Comic book by Allan Linder that will be released this summer. 

Who are you? Where do you come from? Why are you here? Questions not easily answered when you are 9 light years away from earth without a way to get home.

The creative team from Black Fly Productions, Allan Linder and Ed Hanna completed the first of several teasers for Linder's Sci-Fi comic book Quantum Enigma. All of the physical props and practical effects were created by the team. Editing was done by the very talented Ed Hanna, Deadliest Catch, Mad Scientists, Hotel Impossible.

Their previous collaboration was on an animated trailer for Prisoner of the Mind, Linder's Graphic Novel.