NASA is developing a shape shifting robot for exploration

It only makes sense to create a space exploration robot that can tackle any type of terrain such as water, air or ground. That's exactly what we did when we designed G.R.I.F.O.N. 1 (Geological Research Instrument for Foraging and Observation in Nature) for the Quantum Enigma Comic Book and short film. Ours has two additional robots attached to it that can separate and float on water like an amphibious vehicle and it's also equipped with an aerial flying drone for reconnaissance. Ours is roughly a functional remote controlled prop, but Nasa is going all in.

The revolutionary concept called Shapeshifter is part drone, part boat, part all-terrain vehicle, and part submarine.

NASA 360 takes a look at the NASA Innovative Advanced Concept (NIAC) known as Shapeshifter. Researched by a team of engineers at NASA JPL the Shapeshifter concept is a flying amphibious robot that could one day be used to explore the treacherous terrains of distant worlds.

Check out the video below.


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